Where is your beef harvested? We utilize the USDA inspected Food Products and Safety Laboratory at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Is the beef aged? Yes, dry-aged for 14-21 days. We believe it helps enhance the flavor and tenderness.

Is the beef frozen? Yes, the beef will be individually packaged and frozen after it is aged. Check out these tips on storage, defrosting and food safety.

How much freezer space will I need? One cubic foot holds about 25 pounds of meat. Our starter pack and 50 pound variety pack will easily fit in any home freezer. You may be able to get a quarter beef in your average freezer in a side by side refrigerator if your other contents are minimal. For a half beef we recommend a small chest freezer and a whole beef a larger chest or upright freezer.

If I purchase a half of beef do I get half the steaks? Yes, when you purchase a half or quarter of beef you will get that amount of steaks, roasts and ground beef respectively.

Do you use added hormones or growth promotants? No, we do not.

Do you use antibiotics? We only utilize antibiotics under the supervision of a veterinarian when needed. Similarly, when my children are sick and in need of medication they receive it. We want our animals to be healthy and not in pain. All medication is followed according to instruction and recommended withdrawal periods. You never have to worry about your meat being unsafe.

Why do you have grass-finished and grain-finished beef? We like choices just like the next person. We know you have options when purchasing beef for your family and some people choose to have beef with more marbling (grain-finished) and some prefer the leaner flavor of grass-finished. All cattle live on pasture and some are supplemented with grain. It’s important to know that, no matter how beef cattle are raised the nutritional value is the same. Check out this handy flyer for more information on choices and nutrition.

Will you deliver to Tucson or Flagstaff? Yes! We deliver direct to your door – Phoenix metro area is $20, Verde Valley and Tucson are $25. Delivery for orders over $300 are complimentary. Delivery to Maricopa is complimentary or if you want to meet at our freezer in Mesa. If you are elsewhere in Arizona please contact us to coordinate pick-up/delivery options.